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Columcille is a sacred space that welcomes many hundreds of pilgrims each year. Many are simply passing through. But for some, the stones, the land, the observances and the people they meet spark a conversation that they want to continue.

Membership is a way of continuing that conversation. It is an invitation to journey awhile with Columcille and to participate actively in its work as

  • An outdoor sanctuary for the unfolding human spirit

  • A salon where nothing is off limits in the free exchange of ideas and beliefs

  • A sacred space in which to ground your journey in the earth through inner and outer work.

You are invited to take the plunge and make a one-year commitment to the conversation, creativity and spirit unfolding at Columcille.

That commitment includes spending time on the land, sharing in our observances and celebrations, participating in Land Care Events, and weaving your own story into the ongoing conversation. It includes a financial commitment to share your resources, as you are able, in support of the ongoing work of Columcille and the maintenance and preservation of the land.

New members are received throughout the year, and are officially welcomed at our Annual General Meeting, at which we also elect our Board of Directors and celebrate Columcille's mission. The Annual General Meeting is held on the Saturday closest to the feast of St. Columba, June 9.

Continue the voyage... become a Member